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Stopping the Silence: My Tool to Escape From Domestic Violence and to Find Liberty and Justice

How Telling About the Abuse Saved My life

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Talking about the abuse with survivors

The first time I was able to express my feeling was on a message board for victims of domestic violence.  This is how I felt on March 10, 2002: 

 "[right now it] feels very lonely and the sadness I feel only helps continue the   isolation I been experiencing since I became involved with him. I guess I just needed to tell my story and not be judged for being such a full to believe that we were going to be happy together with love and understanding. I know in my heart I will get over the pain and trauma I experienced in these last 8 months: I will do it without him I will find my self again and will be that happy man I once was.

Thanks for listening"

For the first time since the abuse started, I felt understood and realized that I had to stop the silence in order to save my life. Today, this message board is my source for emotional support and gives me the strength to continue the battle for justice.  I survived the violence! Now I am able to see that Frankie's violent behavior is criminal and unacceptable; instead of shame I feel proud to speak out  the truth about the abuse, and so free myself from his violence.  Finally, I am able to deal with the trauma and to follow through on the criminal charges that are going to make Frankie accountable for his crimes.  Speaking about the abuse saved my life as found emotional support from others who survived domestic violence and by received protection from the legal system.

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