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Stopping the Silence in Domestic Violence to Find Liberty and Justice

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          "The most admired heroes of any culture are those who have stood up to tyranny and oppression and fought for liberty and justice.  Yet rarely have these acclaimed heroes battled alone, without weapons or troops of any sort,  with children in tow, and with the enemy entrenched in their home, in their hearts, and sleeping in their beds.  Yet these are exactly the extreme and painful conditions under which women all over the world set out to make their escapes from domestic violence [and in my case a man].  And even so, right up until today, the bravery [of our] struggles for freedom is still too often met with the cruelty of questions like "Why don't you just get up and leave,"  instead of being given the admiration and respect their struggles deserve.     So as you start out on your own struggle to get free of domestic violence, remind yourself often, even though others may not, that yours is one of the most difficult and worthy struggles of all.  You are rescuing yourself and your children from a life of terror and crushed spirits. Your struggle to escape the oppression of domestic violence elevates the dignity of all women, [men, children] and brings your whole community closer to the ideals of liberty and justice for all"   Marie De Santis,  Women's Justice Center.

This site is my tribute in honor of every person who escaped from the tyranny and oppression of domestic violence, to every one struggling for freedom from domestic violence, and to EVERYONE who helped me to survive domestic violence. 

Sometime in July 2001 began to dissociate

The desert  I lost myself.

This picture represents how I felt in my mind's eyes: Alone, in silence, lost in the desert .

Frankie's major tool to continue the violence was to isolate me and demand silence about the abuse.  As he would say, "never get the police involved on our problems, and never tell about what happened because we stick together." 

Some men break more than their partner’s heart:

The Criminals Exposed Site
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Telling the world about domestic violence: A road to survival


I finally realized that breaking the silence was my tool to free myself from his abuse.  When I began telling the authorities and other people I started the process to gain my life and freedom back.




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Supporting one another? Celebrating our STRENGTH

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If you have any questions please e-mail me.  I am here to support you survive domestic violence, I will share everything I learned with you.  As a survivor, it is my duty to share the tools that helped me survive the trauma of domestic violence so that others may use them on their own road to survival.  I am here for you. You can survive domestic violence too!