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The truth about domestic violence

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· You are frightened of, or feel responsible for, your partner's temper or behavior.
· You are compliant because you are afraid of being punished by your partner.
· You make decisions according to what your partner wants or how he will react.
· You censor your reactions or opinions in fear of hurting your partner's feelings or causing conflict.
· You have been kicked, hit, shoved or had things thrown at you or around you.
· You have been called names, degraded or humiliated privately or publicly.
· You are unjustly accused of having affairs.
· You are blamed for things that are not your fault.
· You have been threatened of being "outed" if you don't comply with partner's demands.
· You have been prevented from getting/maintaining a job, participating in control of mutual resources, or restricted in your access to your money.
· You have been forced to have sex or been caused pain sexually without your consent.


The truth about domestic violence is alarming