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Battering tends to be a pattern of violence rather than a one-time occurrence.

        During the six months following an episode of domestic violence, 32% of battered women are victimized again.
Bureau of Justice Statistics: Preventing Domestic Violence Against Women, 1986.

       47% of men who beat their wives do so at least 3 times per year.
AMA Diagnostic & Treatment Guidelines on Domestic Violence, SEC: 94-677:3M:9/94 (1994).

       Short term (6-12 week) psycho-educational batterer-intervention programs helped some batterers stop immediate physical violence but were inadequate in stopping abuse over time. some batterers became more sophisticated in their psychological abuse and intimidation after attending such programs.
American Psychology. Association, Violence and the Family: Report of the American Psychological Association Presidential Task Force on Violence and the Family (1996), p. 85.

       Six months after obtaining a protection order: 8% of victims reported post-order physical abuse; 26% reported respondent came to or called their home or workplace; 65% reported no further problems.
CPOs: the Benefits and Limitations for Victims of Domestic Violence, National Center for State Courts Research Report, 1997

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  Here is a summary of the domestic violence's major facts:

The truth about domestic violence is alarming